Arts and crafts: Summer camp For a Fun and School-Free Alternative

The end of the school year typically brings with it a buzzing energy. The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining brighter, and families and schools are getting ready to start the summer season of community and camp activities.

Our new normal, however, necessitates some modification and adaptation. Kids are ready to venture outside in the warmer months to enjoy their summer and interact with their friends after struggling with several months of learning at home and social isolation. And let’s be honest, you could also use a break. Numerous groups now provide alternatives to the standard summer camps.

Here are five activities to keep your children moving throughout the summer break.

  • Virtual Camps are a Thing

Many conventional in-person camps are converting to online programmes that let kids participate in a variety of activities while remaining secure in their own homes. There are many virtual camps that enable kids all over the nation to experience the great treasures housed there.

Over 100 elective STEM and Arts enrichment virtual classes, including chess, coding, cuisine, photography, robotics, and theatre, are available through these camps.

  • Bottle Rockets

Launch a summer filled with unforgettable memories by completing this STEM Bottle Rocket challenge. A launch pad building task might be given to campers. You may make this from any materials you have on hand, like LEGO, craft sticks, building blocks, or even foraged objects from the forest.

Then, you may create a chemical reaction that will AWE everyone with a few basic components.

  • Outdoor Classes

This summer, a lot of day camps and speciality schools are offering all-outdoor day camp options, with social isolation indoors as a last choice on days with bad weather.

Depending on your local weather, they might even have outdoor tents and canopies set up to shield campers from inclement weather like heat and rain so that all the activities can take place outside.

  • Homegrown Fun

There are many of enjoyable activities you can do with your child in your own backyard or house if you want to keep the pleasure close to home. Think about signing up for a meal-kit subscription or taking an online cooking class together, for instance.

Additionally available are coding kits, art and craft kits, and science activity packages.

  • Kids Book Clubs

Make summer reading enjoyable and rewarding by assisting in the organisation of a book club for your children (and perhaps even their internet buddies).

They can learn new things, have fun, and use their imaginations while doing it. The more kids who take part, the better.

  • Mindful Nature Walks

Some communities are fortunate to have backyards, sizable parks, and open areas where residents can comfortably maintain a safe distance and go outside as recommended by their local government officials. If this describes your family, you might want to add mindful nature walks to your list of alternate summer camps in Qatar.

According to research, spending time in nature can have positive effects on our physical health just by putting our feet on the ground and breathing in the fresh air, in addition to calming the mind.

  • Adventure Field Trips

Although museums and other places for field trips may not be open as frequently as we are used to, they have made the effort to give kids everywhere some really amazing possibilities.


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