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Music Lounge is a centre dedicated for offering training in musicdance and art/crafts. We impart creativity, training and knowledge amongst people from different walks of life. Music Lounge strives in prompting artistic excellence and discipline and facilitating deeper understanding of different art forms. Our courses are designed to mould artists into committed and passionate artists in different art forms. Our objective and motive is to bring forward and develop talented future artists. For achieving our objective we provide top class instruction and coaching.

We have skilled and experienced faculties who mentor each student at each stage of learning. Our institution also has all the facilities and resources required for the executions of innovative and comprehensive programme. Our community is committed and dedicated to provide each of our students with a learning experience that will allow them to explore and express themselves. They can enhance their knowledge with our steadfast classes. We guarantee that the entire unique requirements of each student will be taken care of by us.

Our music courses include piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, drums and vocal. Our dance course comprise of Indian classical forms, freestyle and other forms like cinematic and salsa etc. Art & Craft courses are also extended by us. We also offer lessons on the fun dance fitness training program Zumba. Zumba, designed by adopting several styles of Latin-American dance forms is growing in popularity due to its benefits. We offer excellent Zumba classes in Qatar. Our Zumba classes in Qatar are taken by qualified and certified instructors.

Our curriculums are structured systematically and our music courses are designed on the basis of the recognized certification from Trinity College of London. We provide our students an internationally recognized grading system. Our entire instructors are qualified professionals. We also have all the necessary accreditations. All our performing art forms are structured to render students with the opportunity to engage them completely and to traverse them through a range of movements and emotions. We promise that all our students will gain excellent command in the art form which they pursue and will shine in their field. We provide an extensive and broad range of performing arts in Qatar.

All our courses start from basic foundation level training. From there we will take it forward to different grade level trainings. Our coaching in the performing arts in Qatar will make you an artist par excellence. Both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge are given equal importance by us. We are a certified examination centre for Trinity College London. We are available 24/7 for all kinds of technical assistance.

Course Details

Many have fond memories of learning the piano as a child. But any age is perfect to start learning to play the Piano. Being a classical instrument, the piano has brought charm and sophistication to opulent palaces, luxurious hotels and now to your home. It is the most sought after musical instruments for all ages.

If you feel more contemporary and would like to have the whole orchestra at your disposal, then the keyboard will be of your preference. Giving you the advantage of accompaniment and range of sounds and tone, you can unleash your creativity to limitless possibilities.


guitar class qatar

It is easy to learn, simple, crowd-pleasing songs by plucking away at the open strings on the guitar, and from there, you can move on to chords, strumming patterns, and more. Whether you want to rock out with a band, play acoustic at a coffeehouse, or simply just spend the afternoon noodling away on your own, mastering the guitar is amazing thing!


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When you think about the violin, composers such as Vivaldi, Dancla, and Paganini might come to mind. But today, the violin plays in the spotlight in many more genres beyond classical, including rock, pop, and even electronica.

Do you have impeccable timing and an inherent knack for keeping the beat? Are you high on energy and want to rock it! This is the place to pick up your sticks and GO CRASH, BOOM, BANG!!

Surely anyone can sing without vocal training Many people are gifted with natural singing ability, but whether you want to become a professional entertainer, a casual performer, or sing for fun, it is important to learn how protect your best asset and to increase it is potential.

When you dance, the purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. Its to enjoy each step along the way – Wayne Dyer Bring to you the finest in Indian Classical, Freestyle cinematic and Social dancing (Zumba..Bharatha..Cinematic..Classical..Salsa)


Zumba class qatar

Zumba dance is an exercise fitness program, It is created by Colombian choreographer and dancer Alberto Beto Perez during the 1990s. This dance is a trademark owned by Zumba Fitness,The music comes from the following dance styles cumbia, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco etc

Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere..Einstien. These splendid words resound throughout history from the antiquities of ancient Greece to the Basilicas of Rome, Islamic conquest across Asia to the cacophony of colorful expression of the east. We welcome you to explore your creativity and be part of our artistic journey.

Summer Camp 2019

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Musical Training in Keyboard, Guitar & Drums, Power Dance with ZUMBA & HIP HOP, Fun with Paint, Creative Craft Explosion, Singing Sessions , Karate, Talent Shows & Art Exhibitions, Mental maths and Robotics, Communication Skill, Fun tour & Cultural Tour, Movies & Magic Show, Games & Competitions, Imaginary world of Storytelling..

Online Music & Arts Classes

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Musical Training in Piano, Keyboard, Guitar & Drums, Fine Art , HIP HOP, Kathak Dance , Western Vocal


Music Lounge specialises in providing training in music, crafts, dance, and art classes in Qatar. We provide piano classes in Qatar, keyboard, guitar, violin, percussion, and vocal music courses. At Music Lounge, we offer training in both classical piano and electronic keyboard that are clearly distinct from one another.

Dance classes in Qatar are available at Music Lounge to help you hone your natural skill and improve your fitness. We provide you the best in social, Zumba, freestyle cinematic, and hip hop dancing.

Music teachers frequently claim that mastering an instrument takes 10 to 15 years of study, practise, and rehearsal, however there is no specific time range that has been agreed upon. The level of musical mastery varies depending on the instrument played and the dedication put out to learning it.

If you’re just starting out, it will take you at least three to four months to master the fundamentals and advance to the point where you can play along with some tunes and even hum them yourself.

Daily practise in addition to taking piano classes in Qatar is the most effective strategy to learn the piano. Therefore, having a home instrument is necessary before beginning piano instruction. Even while you might not initially need a costly grand piano, an upright piano is a wise purchase.

The overall amount of practise time should be taken into account when contrasting early starters and late bloomers. Because it can take hundreds of hours to become an expert, we know that practise is important.

Do you ever dream of performing arts in Qatar? We are here to help you out.
We provide Trinity College of London-accredited western instrument courses. Come and experience the wonder of creativity and the thrill of awakening. To learn more about the durations, please contact us.

A decent starting point is to practise for at least 45 minutes per day, at least five days a week, although training for up to 90 minutes at a time can allow for some serious effort.

Yes! By helping you develop self-assurance, discipline, and the creative energy within you, our team of international educators and life coaches aims to create that incredibly unique purpose while also providing you with an internationally regarded accreditation from Trinity College of London.