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Do you have an impeccable timing and an inherent knack for keeping the beat? Music Lounge offers the best drum classes from initial level (foundation) to grade 8 (advanced level) through effective training under professional instructors. Check out our specialties and make the right choice of enrolling in the best drum classes in Qatar.

Music Lounge Drum Classes features:
  • We provide expert training for all age groups. Our classes are specific to meet the needs of beginners and the armature enthusiasts.
  • Music Lounge offers both offline & online drum classes in Qatar with quality training that meets international standards.
  • We offer one-to- one sessions, group rehearsals and live performances for developing the musical proficiency in you and offer theoretical and practical classes under experienced trainers.
  • We provide you with a comprehensive musical education from foundation level to grade 8. With emphasis in theoretical and practical knowledge of the instrument, based from the curriculum established by the Trinity College of London.
  • Music Lounge team is available round the clock for technical assistance.
  • Music Lounge is a certified examination center for Trinity College London.
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If you’re anything like us, music is your life. Since technology plays such a significant role in our lives, we would likely be lost without it. But do we really appreciate how big of an impact it has on who we are as people and what defines our culture?

1. Music is like a time capsule

Nothing can exactly represent what was happening culturally at a certain time like a song, and like a time capsule, it is preserved for all time. You can probably remember exactly when a song was recorded based on what is mentioned because the terminology and language abilities are so vivid of the era.

The most striking references to popular cuisine, technologies, fashion trends, and celebrities immortalize important facets of our culture that could otherwise be forgotten.

2. Music teaches us about language

Music is one of the primary forms of communication we use in daily life. In the womb, mothers sing and play music for their unborn children. Because singing is such a crucial component of language learning, most parents start singing to their children at a young age.

The alphabet is one of the first and most important abilities we learn as children. How do you believe we learned it? You likely learnt important words and phrases through music if you took a language class. Music plays a crucial role in developing our sense of cultural identity and offers a fun way to repeat things that are particularly good for memory.

Even if you don’t speak another language, chances are you know the words of a Korean or Spanish song by heart. Be it a few lines of Euphoria by BTS Jungkook or Despacito by Luis Fonsi.

From fashion to connecting you with others, cultural music plays a key role in our lives.

3. Live performances unite us together

While music provides us with a wealth of wonderful moments, a great musical performance stands out as a turning point, a constant, and an eagerly awaited event in people’s lives all around the world.

Cultures all over the world take pleasure in and enjoy the opportunity to come together and listen to music together, whether it’s at a concert, festival, live performance in a bar, street performers, or jam sessions in the park. And while those live performances vary according to culture, musical style, or audience age, they all have the same general goal of entertaining and uniting the general public for a lovely instant in time.

4. Finding our identity

That’s right. When we become teenagers, that’s the time we stop wanting to become like our parents and try to create our own cultural identity. Music can help you with that transition.

We frequently veer away from the music of our parents and toward something very different when we begin to find music for ourselves and begin to determine what we like and don’t like.

Discovering ourselves together with our generation is a crucial part of who we are. It’s generally our first small act of rebellion against our parents, and they frequently hated (and still may dislike) what we listened to.

While it may take us a little longer than our parents’ musical preferences to align, this generational conflict is an inevitable aspect of growing up, and we can’t wait until we’re eventually scratching our heads over the odd stuff our kids listen to in 20 years.

Benefits of Qatar Cultural Training Centers

Cultural training centers play an important role in people’s lives. Arts include everything from dance, theater, and vocal and instrumental music to mime, spoken verse, and more. Numerous cultural manifestations that showcase human inventiveness and are, to some extent, present in several other cultural heritage areas are included in them.

In fact, after considering the significant effects it has on our economy, health and well-being, society, and education, arts and culture should also be considered a strategic national resource.

1. Boosting the overall brain health

Research says that one’s brain and general physical health gain from having an appreciation for the arts and culture.

Additionally, art therapy has been practiced through the arts. Exposure to Arts can significantly increase people’s optimism and general well-being.

Furthermore, studies demonstrate that valuing culture can improve mental health, including stress reduction, a decreased risk of anxiety and depression, and memory loss prevention.

2. Stimulating creative thoughts

Different schools currently use various visual-thinking techniques. They are made to inspire students to scrutinize particular works of art thoroughly and discuss in-depth what they notice.

Students who have been exposed to these techniques have seen a significant improvement in their vocabulary, reading, math, and visual processing abilities.

Overall, music students did better in math and science, and theatre students were more read and focused in class.

3. Arts and Music help you appreciate different cultures and their beauty

Admiration of the fine arts and music serves as a guide to human aesthetic qualities. It can help with determining “what is aesthetic” and “what is the proper sense of beauty that individuals should have.”

Why choose us?

We at Music Lounge Qatar are one of the top Qatar Cultural Training Centers. We are a place with excellent options for studying, performing, creating, and getting certified in music. The musical adventure of life begins when a student enters this building. Music Lounge is remarkable in that it provides high-quality music education for everyone on an individual basis using a cutting-edge curriculum created for students of all ages.

The weekly performance club, where our students display their abilities and efforts by performing live music on stage in front of an audience with bands or soloists, exemplifies Music Lounge’s dynamic spirit.

1. Unique learning experience

2. Founded by experts who have industry experience

3. Highly qualified and trained faculties

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