Best Piano & Keyboard Classes in Qatar

Music Lounge courses for Piano & Keyboard

Music Lounge offers the best platform for students to learn courses in piano & electronic keyboard from initial level (foundation) to grade 8 (professional). We provide internationally recognized certification from the Trinity College of London through hybrid learning (Online / Offline classes). We also provide specially tailored courses for your specific need from the basic understanding of musical theory to being able to perform confidently on stage.

What is the difference between the piano and the electronic keyboard?

At Music Lounge we provide distinctively separate courses in classical piano and electronic keyboard. A piano is an acoustic instrument that is regarded as the ‘king of all instruments’. The piano has adorned the most opulent palaces, the most sophisticated auditoriums and elaborate stages. Invented in the 1700s, the piano comes with the greatest heritage of human musical history. We provide a piano course that is classical in nature, where the students are able to familiarize with the greatest musical compositions.

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The electronic keyboard, is modern technology that is derived from the classical piano. The keyboard is smaller with 61 keys and very portable. It comes with various accompaniment functions such as tones & styles. The student is introduced to the various functions and capabilities of the keyboard. They are also trained to perform various genres of music. The course focuses on modern music with the help of beats and tone accompaniments.

Why choose Music Lounge classes in Piano & Keyboard

  • We offer the highest quality in instrumental training under professional guidance of certified instructors through LIVE sessions (Online/offline)
  • Our ongoing adaptation to new technologies to effectively reach students where ever they are
  • Our instructors guide and coach students by identifying their strengths and interest, to ensure certified learning as per established standards with an awareness of the current trends
  • We provide you with a comprehensive musical education from foundation level to grade 8. With emphasis in theoretical and practical knowledge of the instrument. With a strong base from the curriculum established by the Trinity College of London
  • Music Lounge team is available round the clock for technical assistance
  • Music Lounge classes are flexible to meet your time schedules
  • Music Lounge is a certified examination center for Trinity College London