Art and Craft Courses in Qatar

Training in Art from Music Lounge

Music Lounge is a training center dedicated to inspire your creative minds. We find the potential in you, nourish them and lend you the wings to fly high beyond any boundaries. If you have an artistic talent or want to learn art or craft from the adepts in the field, we have a seat for you here.

We offer the best online & offline Art & Craft courses in Qatar, for every age group to enhance your creativity. Our class schedules and course modules are clearly designed to best fit for appropriate age groups so that you can ensure a productive learning.

Learn more about the features of Music Lounge Craft & Art classes in Qatar here.

  • We provide basic and advanced classes for drawing, painting, sculpturing, wood art and textile & paper crafts in Music Lounge under expert’s training.
  • Our Art & Craft classes are open to all age groups. We welcome everyone without any age restrictions to nourish your artistic & creative talents.
  • We offer flexible time schedule to learn at your own pace & comfort.
  • We have skilled and experienced Art & Craft instructors who can guide you to level up in your skill without compromising the quality.
  • Quality matters! Get a free trial session to get to know our expertise and grab your seats fast.
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Dance Courses in Qatar

Dance Classes in Qatar

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Training in Dance from Music Lounge

Dancing is the best way to reduce stress and improves your cardiovascular stamina. Make it a routine to boost your moods towards a positive lifestyle. Music Lounge offer Dance classes which help to develop your inbuilt talent and enhance your fitness levels. Enroll for Music Lounge Dance classes in Qatar to nourish your talent.

Music Longue DANCE Class features:
  • We bring you the finest in Hip hop, freestyle cinematic and social dancing styles.
  • If you are a beginner, our professional dance trainers with high level experience we provide you the foundation course to get your moves in tune.