Music Lounge courses for stringed instruments (Guitar & Violin)

Music Lounge brings you the best in stringed courses with guitar and violin, certified by the Trinity College of London. Giving you an internationally recognized grading system that puts you in par with the best musicians in the world. Courses are provided through hybrid learning with the use of online and offline sessions.


Guitar is an instrument that is easy to learn, easy to carry and always a great crowd pleaser. Whether you want to rock it out with a band, play it soft with the friends or just noodle away on a lazy afternoon – this stringed instrument is your true friend. Music Lounge starts from the basic introduction of playing the guitar to giving you the confidence to take the stage.

Why take guitar course at Music Lounge?
  • We provide you with a strong foundation in the basics of chords & scale to advanced progressions to make you perfect in tone, balance and harmony to launch you towards a great musical experience
  • Provide you with certified training in both ‘Plectrum Guitar’ (acoustic guitar) & ‘Classical guitar’
  • We provide you with a comprehensive musical education from foundation level to grade 8. With emphasis in theoretical and practical knowledge of the instrument, based from the curriculum established by the Trinity College of London
  • Music Lounge team is available round the clock for technical assistance
  • Music Lounge is a certified examination center for Trinity College London
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violin class qatar


A violin is a classical instrument that has a heritage that dates back to the 9th century. Today, the violin plays in the spotlight in many genres beyond classical, including rock, pop, and even electronica. At Music Lounge you get the best opportunity to get professional training from Trinity College of London.

  • We provide violin classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced learners through online & offline mode in Qatar.
  • Our proven methods of structured training, helps you to learn violin, quickly and easily with a steady progress.
  • Music Lounge Violin classes are certified under the Trinity college of London and every learner should take the grade level exams for a successful completion of the course.