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Training In Art from Music Lounge

What is an Art Learning Center?

Art learning center gives students the liberty to express themselves creatively and emotionally. In the art center, every child is a creative person! It is a setting that encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and has a large vocabulary. Through art, students can acquire knowledge and abilities in all subject areas, including language, literacy, music, arts and crafts, fine motor skills, and social skills. If you are looking for learning centers in Qatar, then we are ready to help you.

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What are the Benefits of art Learning Centers?

There are many benefits of learning arts and crafts from learning centers in Qatar. Here are some of them.

a. Expressing themselves

Kids at times have a hard time expressing themselves. With arts such as painting or drawing or even music, they will be able to express their thoughts easily using painting or drawing.

b. Boosting their motor skills

Arts and crafts can play a great role in boosting coordination and fine motor skills. As kids need their brain as well as their hands for enhanced creation, it can develop their fine motor skills.

For instance, cutting paper with scissors, creating shapes with hands or molding clay requires dexterity. This can help them with faster development of their daily activities such as tying their shoes, dressing, having food, etc.

c. Improved creativity and imagination

The creative imagination of children knows no bounds, and arts and crafts are a wonderful method for kids to channel that imagination into something useful. They have a wide range of options for activities and DIY projects, allowing them to experiment with various objects, colors, and materials and select the ones they enjoy the best.

d. Boosting their self-confidence

Children’s minds are positively impacted when they undertake something as they consider it to be significant. The joy, mental calm, and sense of accomplishment they get after creating a craft are overpowering for many.

Children experience new things while simultaneously honing their self-control abilities, such as waiting for right results. Moreover, it promotes patience.

Need we say more? Music Lounge helps your children to hone their skills and become creatively independent to express their thoughts much more easily. If you are looking for the best arts and cultural center in Qatar, we are ready to help you.

Programs Offered by us

Music Lounge is a facility that specializes in providing instruction in music, dance, and arts & crafts. We provide education, training, and creativity to people from various backgrounds. Music Lounge aims to promote artistic brilliance, discipline, and a greater understanding of many art forms. Our programs are made to shape students into devoted and enthusiastic practitioners of many artistic mediums. Our goal is to identify and nurture brilliant young artists for the future. For achieving our goal, we offer the best coaching and teaching available.

From dance courses like Zumba and Latin- American dance to music courses using piano, guitar, drums, etc., we provide you with a fun fitness training program suitable for anyone and everyone.

Our Courses include:
  • Piano – Anyone can learn how to play the piano at any age. The piano, a traditional instrument, has added elegance and beauty to lavish hotels, magnificent palaces, and now your house.
  • Keyboard – You can pick the keyboard to be your choice if you want access to the entire orchestra and get a more contemporary feel.
  • Guitar – Mastering the guitar is a wonderful thing, whether you want to jam with a band, perform acoustic at a coffee shop, or just spend the afternoon playing around by yourself.
  • Violin – Composers like Vivaldi, Dancla, and Paganini may spring to mind when you think about the violin. But today, the violin may be heard in a wide range of musical styles than classical, such as rock, pop, and even electronica.
  • Drums – Are you energized and ready to rock it? Pick up your sticks and prepare to go Crash, Boom, Bang!
  • Vocal – Whether you want to pursue a career in music, perform occasionally, or just sing for enjoyment, it’s critical to learn how to safeguard your best asset and maximize its potential.

We also provide Arts and Crafts, Zumba, cultural dancing such as Bharatnatyam, Summer camps etc. to boost your skills.

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