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What is Agrabh and Why?

Agrabah is an imaginary world Of the legendary Aladin. Here we teach
the campers to be able to think beyond your means & and how to I make use Of the current situations & opportunities to make the best and get ahead in life. Just like Aladin Who is a Street boy, using his talents and charm to win the hand Of the princess and become the ruler Of Agra bah

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We provide a Summer camp that has a 360 degree development Of the personality apart from academics.

Arts and Crafts Summer Camp

For many children—and their parents—arts and crafts and camp go together like peanut butter and jelly. Campers adore the creative, carefree, and enjoyable activities they get to work on while spending the summer with their buddies. However, some prospective parents worry that their child lacks creative talent, think that their child dislikes arts and crafts, or believe that their child should prioritize sports, rock climbing, or learning how to swim the butterfly.

Here are some of the benefits of attending an Arts and Crafts Summer Camp

  • Self-Expression and Feelings

Arts and crafts projects are a great way to express creativity, as they are with any creative endeavors. Children can freely express themselves via art, sometimes without even realizing it! Children will unconsciously convey their inner sentiments and thoughts through their artwork. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that engaging in creative activities and the arts is beneficial to one’s mental and physical well-being.

  • Enhances confidence and self-esteem

There are various methods on how art can boost self-esteem and confidence. Children will become more confident in their ability to express themselves via art, for starters. They will feel more comfortable expressing their emotions since they are able to put their thoughts and emotions into their artwork. Receiving either positive or constructive criticism can only help youngsters feel more confident in themselves and help them recognize their own abilities. Additionally, like with other things, children’s confidence will increase as they participate in art more.

  • Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are essential physical abilities that can be enhanced through art-related activities. The muscles in children’s fingers, wrists, and hands are frequently used during arts and crafts. Regular exercise increases the power and elegance of these muscles, which makes other tasks such as writing, much easier.

  • Patience

We are all aware that perfection requires time. It requires patience and commitment to complete an artistic endeavor, regardless of how long it takes or how well it is executed. Children will experience a great sense of satisfaction after their artwork is finished, and they will discover that perseverance and hard work are well rewarded. When something is taking longer than expected, it can be tempting to rush to finish it or quit entirely. But as they grow older, kids’ levels of patience will rise and they will understand that good things take time!

Some Things to Consider before Choosing a Summer Camp

Are you planning to consider summer camp for your child? Here are three things you must consider first.

  • Theme

The first consideration when choosing summer camps should be your child’s interests. Talk about the summertime adventures the person wants to take. Your child may have special needs, be interested in painting, calligraphy, art and crafts, or simply be excited to join a football team or skate squad.

  • Safety

Your top focus should be your child’s safety. Do not be afraid to ask the camp organizer any questions. Look at the number of camps they have already held, the previous reaction, first-hand evaluations on their Facebook profile, or speak to someone who has already signed up there. Talk to the Summer Camp instructors, and follow your gut.

  • Budget

Last but not least, don’t burn a hole in your wallet. Why? Because your youngster is having fun at this period but there won’t be much of a payoff. Avoid overspending on fanciful possibilities and stay under your spending limit.

Why choose us?

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